Hair Growth Treatment

Hair Growth Treatment


our Hair regrowth treatments are THE LATEST in MEDICAL HAIR growth TECHNOLOGY

Worried about Hair Loss? 

Now is the best time to discuss your hair loss worries with one of our highly qualified team members. Natura Clinics offers the best in Hair Growth Restoration solutions in Australia, thanks to our scientifically proven, medically backed treatment programs.

Our Hair Regrowth Treatments are the latest in medical hair growth technology that utilizes your bodies own natural nutrients.

New developments show the effectiveness of regular hair regrowth treatments and early detection to help minimize the issue of hair thinning and hair loss by sending the nutrients needed to dying hair follicles. This begins by rejuvenation of the thinning follicles, eventually controlling the hair loss issue and maximizing the thickness of the existing hair follicles.

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Blood sample collection

One of our highly qualified team members will collect a small blood sample, similar to how you would during a routine blood test.

Hair Regrowth Treatment Isolation

The sample that we have collected will then be transferred into one of our centrifuges located within the sterilization room to begin the quick process of separating your platelet rich plasma from your red blood cells. 

Hair Regrowth Treatment Infusion

Your plasma will then be extracted from the discarded red blood cells ready to infuse into your scalp to ignite the treatment process.

4 - Results

Results for this treatment will be detectable to the naked eye after 2-4 consistent treatments. The first glimpses of progress will be minimized hair fall and thicker, healthier looking strands of hair.   


Stress on the body is a main factor that effects hair loss. Dramatic changes in weight (generally rapid weight loss), your diet and lack of sleep play a huge part in the health of your hair. Ask one of our consultants for advice on diet and supplements that we can recommend.

Many people have the hair loss gene which is inherited genetically, as soon as a certain age bracket is reached, then the hair loss becomes dramatic. The popular term for this is ‘Male Pattern Baldness’ however this issue is not limited to only males, it is a common occurrence in women of all ages, this could be due to a wide range of reasons. To stabilise this you need to commence intense back to back Hair Regrowth Program to bring vital nutrients to the effected Hair follicles that are dying.


Another major contributor is a chemical called DHT which affects the hair on the top of the head, this chemical is increased by higher levels of Testosterone, especially in men. The hair follicles on the sides and back of the head are generally not affected by DHT hence why most baldness is to the top part of the head, not the back and sides. Again conducting Hair Regrowth Program treatments combats the effects of DHT by reversing the damaged hair follicles to become healthy.


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