What Is Vaginal Rejuvenation?

It almost goes without saying that poor vaginal health will have a negative effect on any woman’s general wellbeing, both physically and mentally. That’s why we are so enthusiastic about providing women with our expert laser vaginal rejuvenation treatment in Sydney.

We are not just trying to give you back control of your bladder or enhance your sex life (though we are doing that as well), we are in the business of enhancing your overall health and improving your life as a whole.


Our vaginal rejuvenation treatment is nonsurgical and non-invasive; it uses lasers to repair damaged soft tissue and firm up vaginal muscles. It is the most effective way of bringing new life to internal tissue and is proven to be effective in the treatment of Gynaecological conditions, whether caused by age or childbirth. Our vaginal rejuvenation treatment is proven to be safe, hassle-free and with no convalescence required.

  • Better sex, better health

  • Vaginal canal and vestibule tightening

  • Vaginal atrophy repaired

  • Improves vulva appearance


How do you benefit?

Using the latest technology, we can relieve painful or embarrassing vaginal conditions painlessly and without surgery.


Swift and Painless

In just 20 minutes, your vaginal tissues will be rejuvenated, and your vaginal muscles will be tighter, all without an ounce of pain.


No side-effects,
very low risk

As there is no surgical invasion involved in this treatment, the muscles and tissues can be rejuvenated without causing any damage.


Straight back
on your feet

Unlike with surgical methods of rejuvenation, you will be able to take up your normal daily routine almost immediately after treatment.


Pregnancy, labour and vaginal delivery are the biggest causes of vaginal deterioration; our treatment makes the vagina tighter, more pliant and essentially young again!


Middle-aged women often find that they may leak a small amount of urine during physical activities, or even just when coughing.

This is due to weaknesses in the urethral tissues caused by ageing and childbirth; laser vaginal rejuvenation adds strength to the tissues around the urethra, which leads to enhanced bladder control.